Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sunday Vandalism - Summer Vandalism?

This story about a 13-year-old caught vandalizing the local Middle School in Seattle, Washington on a Sunday afternoon ( should cause us to consider our summer operations.
How does a weekend vandalism incident relate to summer operations? In both instances, we face difficulties with access control and supervision.
How are you addressing those difficulties? What practices and measures do you have in place to make this a safe summer?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Enjoying Those Graduation Ceremonies?

Check out this story where 14 people were FINED for interrupting the reading of names during a graduation ceremony in South Carolina -
I have attended numerous graduation ceremonies where yelling, excessive cheering, and air horns have not only kept the following graduate's name from being heard, but flat-out annoyed other attendees.
At first blush, this story might make it seem as though the concept of fining for bad behavior is too heavy-handed, but... When the announcements (both written and verbal) clearly call for courtesy during an event that is already too lengthy, I applaud the use of appropriate consequences.
Please note, however, that my applause is figurative only!
What are your thoughts?