Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Schooled in Preparedness"

RETA Security's Randy Braverman is frequently quoted in Security Management magazine's April issue in an article entitled, "Schooled in Preparedness" by Ann Longmore-Etheridge. The article was summarized as follows: "a federal grant allowed the East Aurora (Illinois) School District to create and implement a top-notch all-hazards emergency management plan."

So, in this feature article, Longmore-Etheridge gives an "A-Z" description of how East Aurora won the grant, RETA Security's involvement, Randy Braverman's facilitation efforts, and numerous specific outcomes that have been achieved as a result.

Here's a sample:

"Timm also conducted vulnerability assessment training for 44 district administrators and building and grounds personnel. 'He showed them how to do a physical site assessment at their buildings so that they could do it themselves as well as go back and train others,' states Braverman."

Take a look at the article in print form and post your thoughts!

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