Monday, October 3, 2011

Piling On School Security

It's not often you find a story that contains all the drama of electronic name-calling, a political hot button issue, and accusations of bullying!

This brief  story, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, has it all. Tak a look:

Do the math!  Technology (Twitter) Risks + School Voucher Lawsuit + Bullying Accusation = School Security Issue(s).

Issue Raising Questions (props to Paul Baltz) -
How are you handling/addressing technology use and indiscretions? To whom do your policies/practices apply? Students? Staff?
What are your policies regarding media coordination? How often are those policies disseminated?
Do you have a documented bullying policy? How 'bout a full-fledged bullying prevention program? To whom does is apply? Students and staff?  Others?

Share your thoughts!

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